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Rhea Carina Al Jaroudy

Desert Rose Films UAE

Creative Director, Desert Rose Riyadh

Some create art behind the scenes, while others prefer to honor the art within by sharing it out loud on stage and screen. Rhea Carina Al Jaroudy was first called to acting as a young child. Early comparisons to her muse Audrey Hepburn were made not only for the physical resemblance but because of her shared commitment to elegant story-craft. Her passions led to formal training and experience in New York and Los Angeles and working under prominent directors, Paul Warner, Robert Roy, and Blanche Baker.

Rhea’s blended heritage has shaped not only her perspectives but also her creative pursuits. As a Saudi-American born in Washington DC, she isn’t defined by one home, having spent her definitive years between the US, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, she has found great harmony in learning to bridge the worlds and carry bilingual stories East to West and back again.

This thirst for vivid storytelling inspires her latest venture as Creative Director with Desert Rose Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Led by presenting art authentically, Rhea will narrate and introduce the world to the latest creative voices pushing boundaries in Saudi Arabia and GCC with a new genre-bending talk series launching in September.

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