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Nancy Paton

Desert Rose Films UAE

Founder, Writer, Producer, Director

With a deep passion for storytelling, Nancy Paton has dedicated her life to telling stories that amplify silenced voices and showcase the rich tapestry of communities and cultures around the world.

As an award-winning film director, writer, and producer, Nancy takes root in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to tell distinctive stories of the region and help women throughout the GCC build their careers in film and the creative diaspora. She is the founder and CEO of Desert Rose Films (DRF).

DRF is most known for their “Female Short Film Fund for MENA,” where most recently female talent produced “The Dinner,” a comedy short that was selected and won numerous film festivals globally during its banner year in 2020. Her award-winning portfolio of work in film also includes “Daisy,” and its companion documentary, “Maisy and the Making of Daisy,” which was featured on Showtime and currently runs on Amazon Prime.

Nancy was first called to cultivate art in the GCC while living in Saudi Arabia. Her time in the Kingdom led to an array of projects committed to honoring the creative identities and revealing the untold stories of women in Saudi. She wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the award-winning drama, “Postpartum.” The riveting narrative was filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia with an amateur all-female production team.

Nancy believes art is best when cultivated through shared experiences. While lecturing at Raffles Design Institute in Riyadh in Digital Photography, Screenwriting, and Storyboarding, she produced the documentary, “The Black Abaya,” and a handful of music videos.

Nancy is currently in the final stages of her master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University. Her new learning adventures inspired her first book, a soon-to-be-published collection of 12 short stories, and a delightful foray into children’s literature. Nancy is working on a series of 13 children’s books co-written with her best friend in Saudi inspired by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and the fervor of cultural diplomacy emanating from the GCC region.

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