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Danae Hatzaki

Desert Rose Films UAE

Creative Director, Desert Rose Riyadh

Colors look differently to an artist. Paints aren’t just splayed on a canvas. Costumes aren’t just sewn fabric. The visual and production arts is a unique form of storytelling, and the way Danae Hatzaki tells stories is truly an experience.

Danae is a visual artist and production designer whose career highlights include extensive work in theatre, cinema, television, and events in Athens, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. With formal training in painting and scenography in her native Greece, she realized her passions for theater production by designing sets and costumes.

From largescale stage plays to independent scale sight specific performances, Danae always found a way to tell stories vividly by making details just as important as the characters themselves.

Notably, she designed the sets and costumes for “Wings of Desire,” an adaptation of the critically acclaimed film by Wim Wenders, and “Psycho/ses,” a play based on the book “Psycho,” by Robert Bloch.

Her passions also extend into her work as an illustrator for children’s books, having published multiple books in the GCC. Most recently she’s working on a new children’s book series honoring Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the Kingdom’s 13 regions alongside Nancy Paton and Abeer Abdalla

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