Nancy Paton is an emotive and dynamic motivational speaker who draws on her many years of experience working as a female filmmaker in the Middle East to tackle an array of diverse, taboo and often overlooked subjects. A confident and engaging speaker, her topics of choice are primarily focused on encouraging more women into the film industry, breaking stereotypes about the Middle East, and promoting inclusion and diversity through film.

A multi-award winning and globally renowned director, screenwriter and producer who has worked in New York, London, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Nancy loves sharing her knowledge and learnings. Through her talks, she aims to inspire the next generation of film industry talent, and empower more women to explore careers in film.

Example of Nancy's Previous Topic includes

Motivational Speaking

  • Empowering women through film
  • ‘Beyond the glitz’—the business side of the MENA film industry
  • Women storytellers from the Arab World
  • The Power of Sisterhood: Why and how female mentors and role models have a huge role to play
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion through film
  • The secrets to success in the film business
  • The challenges and opportunities that come with working in the UAE

Infectious passion

Nancy’s talks are filled with priceless anecdotes, inspiring stories and motivational sentiments. She is passionate about engaging with her audience, and sparking important conversations. Nancy touches on her global film career, which has seen her film across the world, teach underground film classes in Saudi Arabia and take on multiple female-led, thought-provoking film projects, to unravel complex issues and make measured and insightful points. Her dialogues are designed to encourage open-minded thinking, break through boundaries and challenge preconceptions. A firm believer in diversity and inclusion, Nancy’s vast experience working in both the East and the West enables her to confront sensitive issues in a measured yet emotive manner.

Changing perspectives

Nancy is driven by a desire to deepen the world’s understanding of the Middle East. She uses both her films and her motivational speaking opportunities to showcase the real Middle East that isn’t often portrayed in the media, and give a voice to those from the region who are often marginalised. Drawing on the highs and lows of establishing Desert Rose Films, her ground-breaking, female-focused production company, and her role as President of Women in Film & TV – GCC, Nancy’s powerful sentiments stay with her audience long after she has finished speaking.
Nancy has had the honour of speaking for multiple renowned organisations, film festivals and global conferences. This includes:
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