Daisy at the Sunscreen Film Festival

Sunscreen Film Festival Desert Rose Films

It was a great honour for Daisy to be official selected for The Sunscreen Film Festival which is sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

I was so thrilled to find out the news that we were accepted as I heard such great things about the festival for other filmmakers who had attended in previous years that I had to see it for myself this year.

St Petersburg what a beautiful city. Felt like a mini Cannes ; )

And the film festival had just such an awesome crowd and vibe to it. Will definitely back!!!!

Sunscreen Film Festival Desert Rose Films

Flight to and from Tampa Florida was an interesting experience. There was not a young person in sight. Getting assistance due to being pregnant wasn’t going to happen on this flight as the whole plane was in need of assistance.

A great flight to catch as you meet such interesting and wise characters, and as a screenwriter I’m always out on the look out for these.

Interesting fact I learnt during my time in Tampa was that Florida has the highest rate of STDs and it’s not cause of it’s young population. It’s one massive frat party here for the elderly and they are all having a load of fun ; ))) good on them!!! They definitely all deserve it!!!

But being here made me realise what a massive seniors population exists in today’s society and how they too are being neglected by the film community. Why aren’t there more films being made for the elderly? They don’t work, have money and have plenty of time to spare and would go to the cinema more often if there was something in the cinema that was age appropriate for them. Why does Hollywood always insist on making films for the under 25 year old boys.

I think it’s time they start thinking about the over 60’s as there’s a massive market out there that is being completely ignored and neglected. It’s time to start thinking of everyone and that means including the elderly.

Sunscreen Film Festival Desert Rose Films

After the festival finished I had a day to explore St Petersburg. So many great museums, definitely a city to visit as there is so much culture and art to take in.

Dali has always been a favourite artist of mine so my first stop was the Dali Museum. With so many of his original works on display I was in heaven and inspired to take more risks in my work.

I hope to create films one day the way he created art.

Sunscreen Film Festival Desert Rose Films

Daisy screening had such a great turnout and it was so lovely to get so much positive feedback from everyone after the screening. I really felt blessed to see so many people love the film.

It’s every filmmakers dream to have people connect with the story and get inspired by it. So well done Team Daisy. We did it again : )))

Sunscreen Film Festival Desert Rose Films

Once again thank you to the Sunscreen Film Festival for making this a truly memorable week for me and my short film Daisy and I look forward to returning very soon with an award winning feature film ; )))

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