Filming the music video for the Theme Song for Postpartum

Postpartum Music Video

Filming the music video for the Theme Song for Postpartum in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Finally the POSTPARTUM theme song by The Remedy is out!

What do you think?

When you have no money for a production and you are in need of a dolly for the shot you want? What do you do? Well as a female director of course I get my baby walker out and use that instead ; )))

By the way I’m eight week pregnant in this pic. What a fun day this was ; )))

Postpartum Music Video

I love this picture of what our set looked like. Yes there are 3 guys however if you looks closer they are only part of the band.

The rest of the set is filled with women. That’s right. A female film crew!!! It is possible!!! All amateurs but all enthusiastic and willing to work and together we created something beautiful!!!

Well done ladies!!! So proud of each and everyone of you!!! Wish all film sets where as enthusiastic and hard working as you all were that day.

Well done you should all be proud of what we achieved with no money or time : )))

Postpartum Music Video

Thank you to The Remedy for for entrusting me with filming their music video : )))

Hope you all like it : )))‪

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